New Year: Why FlavourTech products are more relevant than ever

Longer shelf-life, rich flavours, and exceptional quality, at FlavourTech, we make sure the only thing you save on is costs.

While the global financial crisis appears to have passed, there’s a new crisis brewing among the manufacturing and production sectors and it’s in Big Food industry.

In recent years, Big Food has faced an uphill battle as consumers’ food purchasing habits have evolved. As consumers direct their dollars towards purchases of fresh foods and pay greater attention to food ingredients, some brands stocked in the middle aisles of grocery stores are fighting to retain their share of the market.

With so many options out there, the best way for companies to maintain their slice of the pie is through differentiation – and that’s what sets FlavourTech brands apart!

Here at FlavourTech, we have worked hard to create products that meet the needs of your customers. Whether it’s our instant drink brands, like Mak-C and Tri-C, our Boni range of savoury goods such as noodles, instant soups and stock cubes, or our Solana range of baking and dessert products, FlavourTech products are created to exceptional taste and quality standards.

We understand that your customers value their money and want the best deals for their hard-earned dollars. That’s why, here, at FlavourTech, we are constantly investing in innovative new food technologies and honing in on feedback to create the finest products possible, in both taste and quality, for your customers. Specializing in dry, packaged foods, our products not only taste great, but last longer too! Extended shelf-life means less waste and more savings, for both you and your customers.

We’ve worked hard to create a great lineup of instant foods, drinks and more for you and your customers at the lowest prices possible. At FlavourTech, we know that taste and quality don’t need to be sacrificed for a lower price and we have the products and brands to prove it.