Bringing them No Bake cheesecake from Mak-C, along with the other tasty, nutritious dessert treats from the new Mak-C product line will have them lining up for more!

Mak-C is proud to announce a new series of specialty desserts, made with all the tasty flavors you love.

Who can resist cheesecake, especially a fluffy no-bake cheesecake or strawberry cheesecake from Mak-C? To make the new product line even more irresistible, we have added sweet custard, creamy whipped topping, fruity jelly dessert, rich creme caramel, and mouth-watering dumplings to our line of easy dessert mixes.
With our usual commitment to nutrition and taste, we have created a selection of easy-to-make, convenient, and affordable desserts that will have them rushing to the store for more. Fill your shelves with the new Mak-C line and watch them disappear.

As always, we offer distributor guidelines for our fantastic desserts, so we can promote growth together. Mak-C desserts, like all Mak-C products, are the result of many hours of food science, including flavour results and nutrition. Mak-C products are packaged with environment-happy material for a sustainable future.

To line your shelves with Mak-C No Bake Cheesecake and other great desserts, contact us now.