Every thing has its season. And, products are no different.

For consumers, seasonal products craft the season’s mood. Adding magic and sentiment to that time of year. For retailers, it’s a chance to build the mood. Show your customers that you’re aware and understand their needs and desires.

With expertise and innovation, and product range, FlavourTech creates goods for all consumers to bring the magic of different seasons into their kitchens and homes.

Innovation, expertise and hours of research are the foundations of all FlavourTech products. With households brands, including Mak-C, Tri-C, Bona and Solana, FlavourTech produces great products consumers’ desire.

From refreshing instant drinks packed with vitamins and nutrients, to culinary ingredients to make food preparation simple and delicious, there’s a FlavourTech product for every season.

Whether it’s Christmas baking with Solana, preparing Ramadan meals the entire family with Boni, or enjoying a fruity, cold, refreshing glass of Mak-C or Tri-C on a hot summer day, FlavourTech has product offerings for all the seasons.

Listening to consumer feedback is the best way to take advantage of product seasonality. With over twenty five years of industry knowledge and expertise, FlavourTech does just that. Creating products consumers want, without sacrificing quality and taste.

Simple, tasty and quick are the needs of the modern family. With its line-up of popular products, FlavourTech delivers.

Each product is created with flavour and convenience in mind. Giving FlavourTech consumers delicious and nutritious beverages, deserts and meals, with minimal effort.

With FlavourTech’s product line, families can enjoy the celebrations of every season, sharing delicious meals and beverages, without hours of preparation. FlavourTech gives families, friends and communities’ delicious and nutritious meals and more time together, making its brands a must-have in every home, all year round.