Research & Development

We’re looking ahead to the foods of the future. As advancements in nutrition and technology continue, food science is playing an ever-increasing role in the development of new products. By ploughing our profits back into research and development, we’re investing in a future where each consumer desire can become a tangible reality.

Our focus on research and development gives us a key competitive advantage over others in the industry. We’re able to create cutting-edge products that place FlavourTech at the forefront of the market. We’re also dedicated to prioritising future growth, developing brands that continue to thrive.
Research and development is also a pivotal aspect of our regulatory compliance system. By integrating regulatory affairs into our research activities, we can quickly and efficiently launch new products in countries around the world.

Product Development
Behind each FlavourTech product is an expert team of scientists, developers, designers, nutritionists, and consumer representatives. These professionals shape the development of everything we release, from the first conception of an idea until the launch into the market—and beyond. Once our products have been released, we study consumer feedback and experiment with further improvements, so we can be certain each item continues to exceed expectations.
Our research and development projects are the first step in a pipeline of innovative solutions for the products of the future.

We relish the challenge of continuously inventing products consumers will love. This means constantly innovating the processes for our current items, as well as experimenting at the cutting edge of new ideas.
We apply a great deal of pure and applied scientific research to our innovation process, investing heavily in the development of each product. However, it is always the consumer—their needs, wants, and desires—that remains at the core of our activities.
Our research and development addresses four key areas of benefit for consumers:
• Flavour
• Convenience
• Health & Nutrition
• Safety