What is Tri-C

Tri-C is an instant powder drink with added vitamin C. This brand is a household name in the Middle Eastern and East African markets, where it is drank communally during family gatherings. It tastes like real fruit juice and is instantly soluble in cold water to provide important nutrients quickly and easily.


Tri-C comes in a range of packaging to conveniently satisfy the needs of every type of family. Each option comes in recyclable, environmentally friendly material that meets all FDA standards. Tri-C packaging is available in many languages, including English, Arabic, and French.


With ten flavours currently available and more under development, the Tri-C brand is evolving into a powerful force in the instant powder drink market. We follow our customers’ needs carefully, using feedback to create the best possible products. Innovation also manifests in our packaging advancements, such as the resealable stand up pouch—the first of its kind, and now a classic in instant drink packaging.


We work in close contact with our distributors to implement marketing campaigns in each region. As branding is a high priority at FlavourTech, we pay particular attention to developing clear marketing objectives for both short and long-term goals.