What is Mak-C?

Mak-C instant powder drink dissolves in cold water to make a refreshing, fruit-flavoured beverage.  Fortified with vitamins A, B2, B9, and C, it has an intense fruit taste based upon naturally occurring flavours. Mak-C commands over twenty years experience in the powdered beverage market and is one of FlavourTech’s flagship products.


Mak-C is available in a variety of different packaging options to fit the convenience and economic needs of individual consumers. All are packaged in environmentally friendly materials for a more sustainable future.


The Mak-C brand is constantly adapting to consumer feedback and preferences. There are currently twenty flavours to choose from, based upon tastes that are popular in local regions, and more are being developed all the time. Innovation is at the heart of our company’s culture and we frequently see many of our developments replicated across our competitors’ product lines.


We believe in promoting the Mak-C brand through short and long-term marketing objectives. Working hand in hand with our distributors, we implement the most effective local marketing for each area. Depending on the region, this may include radio and television advertisements, print campaigns, or other techniques.