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What training & development programmes are there?

FlavourTech works with all our departments to deliver role-specific training, ensuring maximum efficiency at all levels of operation. Training programmes are run both on and off site, for groups and individuals.

Does FlavourTech have a graduate programme?

At FlavourTech we are proud of our advanced graduate programme that we have established during the past several years. We are currently recruiting graduates in specific areas of the business; please see our Current Vacancies for details.

What kind of salary and benefits are offered at FlavourTech?

We have a wide variety of roles at FlavourTech and consequently salary and benefits may differ. If you are applying for a specific role then all aspects of the remuneration package will be discussed with you at interview.

How can I access all vacancies at FlavourTech?

FlavourTech positions are advertised on our Careers website, where you can apply for current vacancies or submit your CV to be considered for future positions.

Does FlavourTech use recruitment agencies?

Yes, on occasion we may use third-party recruitment agencies to help us with specific positions. Candidates interested in positions advertised by recruitment agencies should apply via that agency, who will be managing the role on our behalf.
If you are a recruitment agency, applications made through our Careers website will not be accepted. Recruitment agencies can ask to be placed on our Preferred Supplier List that is reviewed on an annual basis.

If you are interested in becoming a preferred supplier, please send your details to:

İnsan Kaynakları
c/o FlavourTech
Ege Serbest Bolge
Ayfer Sok No. 16
Izmir, Turkey, 35410

Where are FlavourTech vacancies based?

Our offices, factories and distribution centres are located across the globe. Advertised vacancies will clearly specify location and candidates should consider this when applying.

What is the recruitment process?

This will depends on the nature of the role and its specific requirements. After the first interview you may be asked to attend a second-stage interview that could involve a short presentation and/or competency-based tasks relevant to the position.

Where can I find out more about FlavourTech?

Details about our brands and products can be found on the company web site in the About Us section of this website.

Do jobs remain posted after they are filled?

No. We try to remove filled Positions from all sites and databases when they are no longer available. Some Third Party websites and agencies may not remove them immediately.

If I apply for a current position, will I be contacted by FlavourTech after my resume is received?

Not necessarily. FlavourTech will only contact you if you are selected for an interview; generally, this would occur within three weeks.

Where do I send my resume if I want to be considered for future openings?

Candidates are encourages to post their CV to our database. In order to upload your personal data, please go to Join Us and complete the form.

How do I find out about job openings at FlavourTech?

If your CV is already in our database we will contact you when a position fitting your experience becomes available. Otherwise we will advertise new vacancies in the Current Vacancies section of this website as well as through recruitment agencies and universities.