At FlavourTech we are always looking for talented people who share our values. We are committed to achieving our goals through good business practice, which means that we make long-term investments in our products, and in our employees. Because we have grown from small beginnings, we recognise the potential of each individual to help a company develop, diversify and innovate. Now a global organisation exporting to over 40 countries, we still believe that our success is the result of treating every employee with respect and positive encouragement.

With multiple locations available in Turkey, Tunisia, the Middle East and Africa, we can offer an enjoyable working environment with modern facilities and rigorously maintained safety standards. Our training schemes ensure that all employees have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, with an established programme for graduate development. We operate an equal opportunities policy for advancement and we strive to maintain fairness in all our policies. With over 20 years in the business, we will make sure that your strengths are utilised and that your contributions are recognised.

We look for individuals who share our flexible, forward-thinking attitude. We are constantly evaluating our performance and adapting to market demands. Because we are a worldwide operation, we recognise that the social and cultural diversity of our employees is a driving force for innovation, giving us the competitive edge in a global market place. We also understand the importance of preserving resources and protecting the environment, incorporating sustainable business practices whenever possible.

At FlavourTech we know that what’s good for our customers, our environment and our employees is also good for us. If you’re interested in a career at FlavourTech then take a look at our Current Vacancies.