Our Brands and Products

At FlavourTech, we’re dedicated to building brands that last. By focussing on exceptional quality and remaining constantly attuned to our customers’ feedback, we’ve created a line of products that command an enviable position in today’s market.
But that’s not all.
Working closely with our distributors, we forge partnerships that drive promotion in each territory, generating a process of continual brand growth. With almost twenty years of industry knowledge and expertise, we’re creating the brands of tomorrow today.

Mak-C Instant Drink
Mak-C is an instant powder drink fortified with vitamins and minerals. Sold in over forty countries worldwide, it is available in a range of delicious fruit flavours tailored to the preferences of local consumers. Mak-C commands over twenty years experience in the powdered beverage market and is one of FlavourTech’s flagship products.

Tri-C Instant Drink
Tri-C is an instant powder drink with added Vitamin C. This beverage is popular with the Middle Eastern and East African markets, where it is drank communally during family gatherings. Tri-C is targeted towards young mothers and their children—instantly soluble in cold water, it provides a range of important nutrients quickly and easily.

Boni Culinary Products
The Boni brand encompasses all FlavourTech’s savoury goods. Combining high-quality ingredients with convenient preparation, these products are designed to make food preparation simple yet delicious. Their ease of use appeals to everyone from students to young families to busy modern workers. The Boni range is subject to constant innovation and developments, creating superior products that remain at the forefront of their market.

Boni Noodles are available in a wide range of appetising flavours and take mere minutes to prepare. These noodles can serve as a quick snack, a tasty side dish, or as the basis for soups and stir fries when combined with fresh ingredients. The convenience of preparation is a key selling point for families and young people.

Boni Stock Cubes create a flavoursome base for soups, stews, sauces, casseroles, and other savoury dishes. Using a specially blended variety of herbs and spices, these cubes offer a quick, convenient alternative to making stock from scratch. The use of natural ingredients gives this product a wholesome, homemade taste, which will perfectly enhance the flavour of any recipe.

Boni Delicioso Spice Blends liven up ordinary recipes with their full-flavoured infusions. Pre-mixed for convenience, they can be sprinkled over any dish to add a richness and depth of intensity. Boni Blends are popular with home cooks, allowing them to create complex flavours with minimal effort. Convenient and long-lasting, they make a great store cupboard stand-by.

Boni Spice Cubes are designed with convenience in mind. Each cube contains a single spice ingredient which will elevate a dish’s flavour without creating additional prep work. Packed individually, the quantities are easy to measure and the spices remain fresh even after the box is opened. Boni Spice Cubes can be marketed to any chef in a hurry.

Boni Soups are powder based and crafted from the finest quality vegetables. With a rich, homemade taste, they make the perfect substitute for busy mothers who do not have time to prepare soup from scratch. Boni Soups come in a wide range of flavours to appeal to every palate and contain all the constituents of a quick and balanced meal.

Boni Instant Soups are the ultimate in convenience for consumers desiring a quick and nutritious snack. Prepared by adding hot water directly to the cup, they require no preparation or washing up. These powdered soups come in a variety of flavours and can be kept in storage as necessary, ready to create a fresh-tasting dish when opened.

The Solana brand encompasses all FlavourTech’s dessert and baking products. Available in powder form, the items in this range make a quick and easy solution for cooks in a hurry, enabling the creation of a variety of delicious sweet recipes. Despite constant innovations in convenience, taste is always the number one priority for these products, resulting in desserts that always taste great.

Solana Custard is a powdered product that creates a perfect smooth custard every time. Simple to prepare and with an enticingly sweet flavour, it can be eaten on its own, poured hot over puddings, or used as a topping for trifles. Solana Custard is the ideal combination of taste and convenience for busy modern households.

Solana Jelly can be used to make all kinds of delicious jelly desserts simply by adding boiling water, mixing, and leaving to set. It comes in a variety of flavours which can be shaped and moulded to make a fun party treat. Solana Jelly is popular with children and can be marketed towards young families as an easy pudding solution.

Solana Crème Caramel allows consumers to create a classic elegant flan dessert quickly and easily. This product comes complete with a sachet of rich caramel sauce to drizzle over the prepared dish for a restaurant style dessert made in the home. It combines the Solana brand principles of exceptional taste quality and convenience of preparation.

Solana Corn Flour is ideal for creating all kinds of desserts. It can be added to cakes to create a lighter texture, used in sauces as a thickening agent, or incorporated into baking as a binding ingredient. Solana Corn Flour can also be combined with wheat flour to reduce the gluten content of baked goods and, in some recipes, replace it entirely to create celiac-friendly dishes.