FlavourTech shifts away from MSG in its products

Your customers will enjoy the same delicious FlavourTech flavours, without the extra additives.

Over a century ago, a Japanese professor created what has become one of the most hotly debated ingredients in food production: MSG (monosodium glutamate), a chemically converted salt designed to enhance the flavour of dishes.

Despite the appetising taste MSG adds to processed foods, its potential side effects, including obesity, far outweigh the benefits of added flavours. Studies on MSG show that the ingredient has a direct impact on the human brain, causing overstimulation and increased levels of dopamine. This impact has led many researchers to advocate against the use of MSG in processed foods. But then, what about flavour?

At FlavourTech, we’re focused on innovations. Our dedicated team of food scientists are working relentlessly, investing heavily to improve the quality of our products, to create options that are both healthy and nutritious for our customers.

We do not believe that our customers should compromise on taste or quality, which is why since 2016, we’ve begun phasing MSG out of FlavourTech products, including our popular chicken stocks, cubes, soups, and noodles. We are currently on target to replace all types of MSG in our products by the end of 2018 while retaining the same delicious flavours that our customers have come to love.