Avoid a summer tragedy, order now!

With summer around the corner, now’s the time to stock up on the refreshingly cool and delicious FlavourTech brands your customers want

April’s already here, meaning that the summer season and hot temperatures are right around the corner. For your customers, the warmer weather means summer holidays, outdoor picnics, barbeques and more. As they get busy organising their summer activities, make sure your company does not get caught flat-footed and can cater to their demands for the hotter months.

Now is the time to get set up for the summer season. Plan ahead now and stock up to ensure you have everything your customers are looking, including their FlavourTech favourites.

With the warmer temperatures, there’s no doubt that customers will be seeking different ways to keep cool this summer. Besides taking a dip, cold instant drinks are always a hit, helping consumers refresh and keep cool.

Our popular Mak-C and Tri-C brands, with their variety of flavoured instant powder drinks, are favourites of FlavourTech customers. Synonymous with cool, refreshing, and deliciously fruity flavours, Mak-C and Tri-C instant powder drinks are household names.

Both brands pack a punch with flavour and nutrients. Using the latest innovations in food technologies, these instant powder drinks dissolve in cold water to make for deliciously refreshing fruit-flavoured beverages. Mak-C is fortified with a range of essential vitamins, including vitamin A, B2, B9 and C, while Tri-C is loaded with vitamin C, the ultimate vitamin to boost immune systems.

Mak-C and Tri-C are available in a large variety of flavours, with a taste to suit almost every palate. With over ten different flavours for Tri-C and 20 different flavours of Mak-C instant powder drinks, there’s bound to be a delicious fruit flavour everyone will love!

These deliciously fruity and refreshingly cold instant powder drinks are sure to fly off the shelves for the summer. To avoid a summer catastrophe and customer disappointment, get your orders in now for these FlavourTech favourites.